9Round Careers

9Round is the fastest growing fitness boutique in London.

So, what is 9 Round?



They specialise in 30 minute workouts based around boxing and kickboxing.

They provide members with fun, trainer-guided, kickboxing-style workouts in a circuit format. 

A circuit starts every 3 minutes, meaning you can turn up at anytime to start your workout! 

You can track your effort, calories and training stage with the awesome Myzone heart rate monitor! 

They are all about community and providing an incredible service to their members.

Why Work for 9Round?

To highlight this best, here is the story of the current Brand Performance Coach, Elle Turner. 

Elle Started in 9Round 3yrs ago as a Trainer in 9Round Wandsworth. During her time as a trainer she developed the skills and knowledge to step up to the Club Manager position. After 6months in the role, Elle led Wandsworth to be the top performing club within the estate. Elle transitioned into a Senior Club Manager position supporting other 9Round clubs within the group. After working 2years in club and learning all aspects of the 9Round business, she successfully took on the role of Brand Performance Coach. Elle’s role is now is vital to 9Round, as she is hands on in supporting clubs and franchisees in being successful.


What we look for in our teams!

This is key! They love people who love teaching and have amazing personalities.
For our managers, experience in managing PTs is desirable. For the trainers, experience in teaching and helping people to achieve results is vital.
Fitness qualified
This is essential, you must be a minimum of level 3 and have teaching experience
Sales Understanding
Everyone gets involved in growing their reach and member base.

Interview Process

So what happens?

Submit your CV to Love Recruitment

We will assess it and update you on the process as fast as we can.

1st Round interview with Love Recruitment

You will be interviewed by our account manager at Love Recruitment who will determine your suitability for the role.

1st Interview with 9Round

This will be a recorded video interview with 5 questions, conducted by Love Recruitment.  

It will be recorded and sent to 9round.

Practical with 9round

You will go and get to take part in a session and then support leading one. They want to see your teaching skills along with pad work. Great insight to what you’d be doing in the role! 

Meet 9 Round

This is to find out about you! Chat through your CV and your chance to ask any questions you may have.

Offer and confirm start date

It is done!  You have joined an awesome and fast growing fitness operator.

Need more information?

To explore a career further with 9Round, reach out to Tom to find out more. Tom@loverecruitmentgroup.com



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