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Use our recruitment expertise to help fix yours

What is Love Talent?

How can it benefit your buisness?

What value could we add?

  • Add expert resource

    Our recruiters are trained by the senior team here at Love Recruitment. We internally recruit based on 7 clear criteria which includes coming from the industry and everyone is given extensive training and support. With Love Talent, you can add this resource to your business for an agreed time to help solve your recruitment needs.

  • Train your team

    You could also use the expert fitness recruitment resource to help train your internal recruiters, talent teams or hiring managers. This service on talent strategies etc can be built into the agreed plan that we make to make sure you are better placed long term rather than a quick fix.

  • Review Processes

    Do you actually know why you have recruitment problems? Do you know what they are? Before something can be fixed it needs to be identified and we can help you do this. We can work with you to look at your processes all the way from A-Z and give you clear feedback and where needed, strategies to improve going forward.

  • Future Processes

    This can either be a continuation of an initial review or a stand alone task but we can advise you on best practices regarding recruiting for your teams going forward. Where to advertise, adverts, new tech, interview strategies etc are all areas where we can give you a plan and actions to make your recruitment better.

  • Long term cost savings

    By working with you and agreeing which areas of your recruitment processes are letting you down or can be refined, you will make cost savings longer term. This can be achieved by using a better CRM system, faster processes, better candidates, better decision making, less agency spend or less advertising spend or a combination of all these. The right recruitment processes will produce better staff and reduced costs.

  • Use our resources

    If you decide to go ahead and take one of the Love Recruitment fitness experts into your business to achieve agreed goals you get the benefit of all their experience and expertise. You also get their resources of and our significant access to job boards and databases that they would be using if they were recruiting a role for you as a permanent recruitment solution.

We can work with you and talk you through a menu of options that can be achieved with Love Talent.

Case Study - PureGym

  • Love Recruitment are our exclusive recruitment partners and we have used the permanent and temporary recruitment services consistently. In addition we have recently used Love Talent to help solve a significant recruitment challenge and used Cam in our business and it was a huge success, achieving every goal we agreed.

    Eve Sukhnandan

    Chief People Officer, PureGym