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Anytime Fitness is a business built on its people; we care about your health and take the time to help you succeed.

Established in the UK for over ten years, all our clubs are locally owned and are committed to inspiring a positive difference in their communities. Working within a franchised business means you work directly for club owners, growing with us as you progress your career.

When our members step through the door, they know they’re going to be given first-class service by people who genuinely care about their health and goals. We trust our staff to coach, care and connect with our members, supporting and encouraging them on every step of their fitness journeys.


At Anytime Fitness, we’re proud to be internationally known and locally owned. Our clubs are passionate about enriching the lives of people in their local communities and you can be a key part of that. At a time where people’s physical health is more important than ever, what gets us out of bed in the morning is knowing that every day, we’re contributing to a positive change of the health of the nation. Working for us gives you the chance to play an integral role in the operation of local businesses as well as access to numerous personal and professional development opportunities. We’re dedicated to embracing your ambition and supporting you to progress with us

Neil Randall Anytime Fitness UK CEO



We coach our members and staff to be the best possible versions of themselves. We provide you with the right learning and development tools to achieve your goals and help our members achieve theirs.
We care about people and their overall health, striving to provide a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. We’re passionate about getting things right and being there for people when they need us most.
As independently owned gyms, you’ll work in close-knit teams and get to know our members on a personal level. By striving for the best and listening to your colleagues, we learn together and keep improving our member experience.


Stage 1 - Screening

Initial screening with one of the team at Love Recruitment or the franchisee of the Anytime Fitness club that you have made a job application to.

Stage 2 - Interview

Interview with Anytime Fitness franchisee, which is currently via video link.

The interview will focus on the core competencies and characteristics required for the role that you have applied for. Dependant on the role that you have applied for, there may also be a pre-set task or presentation which you will be asked to prepare and present back.

Stage 3 - Decision

We will let you know if you’ve been successful in your application. 

Good luck!


To explore a career further with Anytime Fitness, reach out to Cam to find out more

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To explore a career further with Anytime Fitness, reach out to Cam to find out more -





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