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General Manager Jobs

All general management vacancies and club manager jobs that we are recruiting for the health and fitness and wider leisure industry can be found here.

General Manager jobs and Club Manager jobs are one of the most common positions in the fitness industry as every gym, leisure centre or club typically has one.  This is one of the most common roles we recruit for and we can help you.

So what do we look for in a Club Manager?  Read Lawrence's article on exactly what we look for here. Its a guide to help you understand what hiring managers are looking for.  

You can also connect directly to general manager jobs in fitness by clicking the connect button above.  

If you are from outside of the fitness industry, perhaps retail or hospitality and you are considering working in fitness, stay here!  You can contact the team to discuss your options, you can get qualified with Premier Global NASM or to simply find out more, read Lawrence's article on working in fitness.

Never miss a general manager job or club manager role again.


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